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Image - profile photo Kat Who am I?

I’m Kat, professional nagger and problem solver.  When work & travel took over my life I gained weight and lost fitness.  This left me feeling lethargic, stressed and unproductive.  I didn’t have the energy I needed to keep up with my own busy lifestyle and so I needed to make a change!

I’ve been able to turn things around and now I want to help busy people, like you, build little snippets of fitness training into your life so that you can enjoy improved physical and mental health.

The backstory

When I left university I struggled for a while, I spent a couple of years working in recruitment consultancies, but never found the right fit for me and my values.  I was lucky enough to get a job working as an HR Adviser for the BBC and this was a huge turning point for me.  I had a supportive manager who encouraged me to work hard and go for promotions and who supported me every step of the way because I was organised and efficient, and hence productive.

I really found my calling when the HR department was outsourced and I took the opportunity to embrace the change and dive head first into project management as we worked to move the existing service from London to Belfast.  It was as though the role was made for me, assessing the current state of things, working out how to improve them and then making sure everyone on the team pulled together to get the work done on time.   This was also the start of a 3 year period of working away and living in hotels. Boy did I see some changes as I worked hard and lived off hotel food!

Continuing in project management I started working as a freelance project manager, and despite working with the NHS at the time I wasn’t getting any healthier, but I wasn’t making the time to do anything about it.  I was also part of a small start-up and it took over my life.  Work was everything and I became more and more sedentary. Thankfully I didn’t put on masses of weight but it was enough of a shape change to let me know I needed to do something about it.

It wasn’t until April 2013 that the real turning point came though and I was back to living in hotels 4 nights a week.  This time I made a change and actually started exercising in my spare time….I started couch to 5km and converted to running as a way to not only keep fit, but clear my head at the end of the day.  I also started doing a range of 30 day exercise challenges to build my strength and endurance.  As these were all body-weight exercises they were easy to do, in whatever hotel I was staying, without the need for additional equipment or much space at all.

I realised that these exercise challenges are the perfect way for busy people, be they business travellers, or stay-at-home parents to squeeze a bit of fitness into their day!  So Tailfish by Pyry was born.

What about now?

By day I am still what I term as a “professional nagger”, my life is dedicated to ensuring an implementation team stays on track and keeps its corporate clients happy.

Outside of my day job I am building up Tailfish by Pyry to help people understand the benefit of small snippets of fitness around their busy days and giving them the tools to do so.

At present I offer a selection of 30 day fitness challenges and a colouring book (mental health needs exercising too!) I am also in the process of developing a range of planner printables to help you keep organised and spend more time focusing on what is important to you, and actually getting it done too!

What next?

Are you struggling to balance life, fitness and getting everything done?

Why not take a look at my Freebie Printables and see what takes your fancy?

My favourite has to be the Unicorn Meal planner, a simple way to aid your weekly shop (or track what you ate that week).

You can also sign-up to my mailing list so that I can keep you up to date with new ways I manage to fill my life with chaos and remain in control of my to do list!  Sound good?  You’ll also get a discount code for Tailfish by Pyry so that you can start to embrace change and get more done

If you have any questions, or want to chat about my blog, product reviews or anything else then why not contact Me!

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