Testing: TomTom MySports

This is a bit of a mini-rant post typed in grumpedness…. Grrr the TomTom MySports connect software is annoying! Because I have synced my phone with my watch to get instant stats view I lost the opportunity to get a file export in order to upload elsewhere for comparative studies. Google helped though and I […]

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Race Bling

Race report: Severn Bridge Half Marathon

I was browsing online recently when I stumbled across a mention of the Severn Bridge Half marathon, it was going to be the first time that they had closed the motorway on the original Severn Bridge and allowed people on to it to cross the bridge. It fell within a blank spot in my race […]

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Heart Rate: TomTom vs Garmin

And then my tech threw a tantrum

My beloved Garmin 620 appears to be having a bit of a “tech-strop, toys out of pram” moment which I can only assume is because it’s been moved on to my right wrist whilst I am testing the TomTom Runner Cardio. Yesterday it failed to find a satellite signal, and tonight I grabbed it, ready […]

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TomTom Runner Cardio

Testing: TomTom Runner Cardio – a quick glance

I am currently playing with a new toy thanks to The Running Bug, who are letting me test one of the new TomTom Runner Cardio watches.  Rather than rely on a chest strap to measure your heart-rate, this watch measures it through your wrist.  Having recently suffered a bit of chafing from the strap of […]

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running: Down Tow Up Flow Half Marathon

I did it! I finished another half marathon!  It wasn’t pretty and it wasn’t fast but I got there in the end….and I briefly got to meet #NARM (Stephanie the Magpie, not a real magpie, who helps the parkrunshow with their social media stuff). The Down Tow Up Flow half marathon took us from Windsor […]

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Kat running in Coniston Marathon

From Meltdown to Marathon

I’ve been pretty rubbish about blogging recently, there’s been a lot going on at home and work and also it’s been hard to put into words some of the feelings I have been having whilst running.  I’ve had a bit of a black patch but I think things are looking up and so hopefully I […]

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