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I broke my blog!

You may have noticed that Tailfish has been a bit ill…..word of warning, don’t just update six plugins in one go with complete confidence it will work.  It didn’t and I broke it! (Thanks to the lovely Nik for fixing it) This meant that I wasn’t...

Sweaty me beat lazy me

It didn’t all go to plan today, it all started well, I was up before 6am ready for another live Yoogaia class, I managed to get 90 squats done whilst on a conference call and I was changed into my running clothes by 9:30am ready to head out at 11am for my lunch...

Seasonal sniffles

Ah, January arrives and with it drags in seasonal sniffles.  I’m am slowly filling with snot and so this may affect my running plans this week (I am currently undecided).  It is often said that if the issue is above the neck that you are fine to run, below...

And we’re off….

January 1st 2016 and we’re off on this year’s journey!  I’m not a fan of New Year’s Eve celebrations, I don’t really do parties and I am normally too tired to stay up anyway, so I finished 2015 with an early night in preparation for...

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