It’s OK to rest!


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Let’s talk a bit about balance…..Tuesdays are “sprint day” for #fasterwaytofatlossvip members, the idea being to really drain our muscles on our second low carb day of the week to help promote fat burning. With this in mind, and still feeling some tightness after my recent race I did some gentle yoga to try and stretch things out a bit and loosen up ahead of my workout. Then I headed out for my @trainasone 3.2km assessment. This involves a gentle warm-up before you run 3.2km as quickly as you can before a recovery run at the end. I got back from this and was all for jumping on my spin bike to do a sprint session on there before I realised I didn’t need to. The assessment run would have more than covered my planned 15 minute sprints and doing more exercise would have hindered rather than helped in the grand scheme of things. It really is worth remembering that quite often, less is more when it comes to working out! Instead I refuelled with a tasty low carb lunch and got back to work. Fast forward a couple of hours and I decided that my tiredness needed to be dealt with so I took a quick 30 minute power nap! Now I feel refreshed and both my body and my mind had a nice little breather. This is how you make progress, train a bit, eat well and rest as much as you can! How much rest do you make sure you take alongside your fitness work?

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