3 Top Tips for Buying Sportswear for the Summer

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Buying sportswear is never simple, but in summer you must pay attention to several things. Staying comfortable and protected is essential, but there’s more. You might also want to ensure you are buying from a socially responsible company that has a code of conduct, ensuring that employment is freely chosen and no child labour used.

Think about the type of activity you’re shopping for. Half of the job is choosing sportswear that is suitable for the movements you are going to make. If you’re running, you will need one type of clothes and footwear. For boxing or pilates, you’ll need another.

Buying sportswear in the summer should be easy and affordable with these simple tips.

Know your options

With a wide selection of sportswear brands, you have many options offered to suit your exact needs. However, before buying, you should check out all the options, because you might find one garment sold at different prices in different stores.

High-quality sportswear isn’t very cheap, but you can find great items at affordable prices if you know where to look.

Try finding discounts or sales, but remember these rarely occur during the season. Buy items in advance and always keep an eye open for coupons and discounts at the end of the season.

Select breathable materials


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Whether buying tops, T-shirts, leggings or footwear, you should pay attention to the labels. The materials your sportswear is made of are crucial for maximum comfort, but also your health.

For some sports you may want a high percentage of cotton in your clothes when buying sportswear for the summer. Cotton is light, it absorbs sweat and doesn’t cause any skin irritation. However, for maximum flexibility, you might want to consider additional materials to ensure better stretch (such as lycra or polyester) thanks to the latest technology.  Whilst great for dry slope snowboarding in the Summer (as the cotton holds the sweat and keeps you cooler), the potential for chafing when running (especially if wearing a pack) means man-made, wicking fabric is preferable!  

This especially goes for physical activities that demand support. While you want your clothes to give you sufficient support, you don’t want them to shut the air out. Any material that is too tight and doesn’t stretch shouldn’t be a part of your summer sportswear.

Concerning footwear, it’s extremely important to find breathable materials for the summer, since your feet are bound to sweat more. Feet are the most sensitive body part during summer because sweat can contribute to various infections that can be prevented by good footwear.

And while you’re at labels, keep an eye out for the ethically made items that protect both nature and the labourers who create your sportswear. Even today, more than 20 million people are affected by modern slavery – and so it’s important that we do all we can to reduce these numbers.

Choose the right size


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Even if all the previous factors are respected, your sportswear still might not be good for you if it’s the wrong size. This is a piece of sound advice for any period around the year, but it’s especially important in the summer.

The wrong size will restrict your movement, trap sweat on critical points and cause additional discomfort to your body. Buying sportswear in the summer depends on you choosing not just the perfect fit, but something that is at least half a size bigger.

You need slightly looser clothes so the air can reach the skin, but that doesn’t mean you should buy something too big. This is particularly important for footwear, otherwise, you might cause calluses to appear.

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