Goodbye 2019!

Did you have a good 2019?

Mine has been pretty epic on the work front (both good & bad, crazy and quiet), and pretty solid on the fitness front too.  I’ve remained committed to TrainAsONE* for my running plans, the FASTer Way to Fat Loss* for food & fitness workouts and Yogaia for yoga classes.  We bought an exercise bike and I’ve been using that for HIIT Cycle sessions thanks to the new digital studio the FASTer Way has developed, as well as some longer, more cruisey rides (including a few hours whilst I listened in on a 6 hour lessons learned call! – you have to squeeze your sessions in when you can, that’s for sure).

I feel like I left 2019 in a pretty good state and am ready to kick things up a notch both at work and with my running in 2020.  There were a few months in 2019 where I didn’t workout as much as I had hoped, so consistency is key for me this year.  Making sure I better balance work travel, racing & recovery to minimise post-stress sickness (and laziness) is going to be critical.  It can be tough, but with proper planning and a solid reason for actually making happen I’ll be giving it a go.

Here’s a quick look back at my year…..1345km run, 23 hours on the bike & nearly 130 hours of cross training!!

Annual Running Infographic Annual exercise summary graphic

So how did you get on?  Don’t get hung up on where you think you failed, focus on how you can make it work better in 2020!

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