Training Log: 21-11-16

Yesterday’s training run, a @trainasone #threshold session. Not my best, I think my standing desk and a busy day at work had taken its toll as my legs felt a bit heavy/empty and I struggled to hit the required pace on my intervals from Instagram:

Training Log: 19-11-16

I combined today’s TrainAsONE economy run with tomorrow’s long run just in case the weather’s horrendous or I am feeling hugely lazy.
I am loving the fact that it is pitch black out on the trail so I am getting a good bit of practice with the head torch too!
I’m pleased that I managed to keep a steady pace throughout the run and felt pretty comfortable for most of it.  A slight gurgly stomach for the last couple of kilometres meant a couple of extra walk breaks but all in all I feel like I am making good progress.

NaBloPoMo Day 1: General Musings

Yogaia: Yang

Well that’s November underway! I’m not out of the blocks on the running front yet, and won’t be until Friday, but I did do 25 minutes of yoga.  Today was a level 2 Yang class, a good focus on strength, which I am finding is a great help on long runs.  The more I can increase my leg and core strength the more stable I will be.  This in turn should help minimise fatigue and keep me out on course for longer.

I wasn’t really feeling the “chill” today though, so rather than fight a wandering mind by continuing with my planned Yin class I gave it up and got back to work.  There are times that I find yoga really helps me and I can enjoy the break away from life and settle into the moment, and there I times when I just find myself clock watching.  Today was one of those days and so I knew it wasn’t the time to be sitting in a stretch pose for 3 minutes any a time…..that really isn’t fun as it seems never ending!

My Bullet Journal

I’ve also started to expand my planning.  I’ve been using mix of the Notes app on my phone, my Gmail calendar and some spreadsheets to keep track of key dates (races), where I need to be (hotels for races) and stuff I need to do (sign up for races).  I stumbled across the Bullet Journal website and had a good read.  It seemed to make sense as a way of tracking things without tying me into a standard calendar/diary format and with a bit of cunning thought (and reuse of existing stationery) I’ve even managed to develop both an analogue and digital way of keeping everything I need logged.  So far I have settled into using my Livescribe Pen and Moleskine Livescribe journal for actual handwritten notes, and then set this to sync to OneNote so that I can access my notes when on the move, or when I don’t have pen and paper handy.  The beauty of this is that I can also add in digital notes, save and incorporate web clippings and general make it into an all encompassing cluster of useful stuff no matter where I am.

As I get to grips with Bullet Journalling and digitisation of notes I’ll try and share some of my findings here.  I’ve even started developing my own digital inserts/printouts (which I won’t actually be printing but will use as OneNote backgrounds), so once I have some I like I’ll share them too.

Do you Bullet Journal? Have you gone down the traditional, minimalist route?  Or have you embraced the world of Washi tape and gloriously artistic trackers with high-grade art work?  Let me know in the comments.

Training Log: 26-9-16

Last week was pretty relaxed.  I was run free, to ensure a proper recovery from the 50 miles I did at RH 100.  However, I did some short yoga sessions to help unknot me a bit.
This week though I am back with a vengeance!  I had done 2 yoga sessions (all be them short and totally 20 minutes) before 7:30 am and I finished the day by heading out for a run.
Today was a relaxed TrainAsONE #economy run with no major issues. I did cut it a few minutes short though as last night’s pizza decided 24 hours for digestion was all it needed!
Still, that’s an hour of exercise in the bag, so a good start to the week.
from Instagram:

Training Log: 24-8-16

Today’s @yogaiaofficial Hip Opening class completed before work this morning. A great start to the day!
from Instagram:

I was also scheduled for a 59 minute TrainAsONE economy run today but given the heat and the fact I have a 12 hour race on Sunday I decided to skip it.

My plan is to do my intervals on Friday and then cover off Saturday’s pickup run and today’s run during Sunday’s race.  That said I may just end up not doing much on the pickup pace because there’ll be hills and 12 hours is a lot longer than 2!