FASTer Way To Fat Loss – the Return

FASTer Way To Fat Loss journal

What can I say? It’s been crazy on the work front and I have been way too busy to post.
After a week of hotel food I am back to being focused and am currently in the prep week for my second round of the #fasterwaytofatloss program!
Whilst I find the food aspect of intermittent fasting & carb cycling easy to manage on my own, I do need a bit of extra push on the strength workout side of things.
I find it relatively easy to commit to my running plan, I do tend to struggle to remain consistent with additional exercise.  So I have signed up for a second round to keep me accountable and to give my health and strength a good push before my Race to the King 53 miler in June.
Here’s today’s summary 😄 low-carb coupled with the @trainasone 6 minute assessment.  I’m using one of my digital journals to keep track of all components of my fitness, food and training for the next 7 weeks.  I have even done a customised journal layout to keep me focused on the right things.
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