#MarchMeetTheMaker – week 2 round-up

image text - #MarchMeetTheMaker - week 2 round up

Week 2 of #MarchMeetTheMaker is done and I have partially kept up!  Here’s a review of the posts I have managed to do this week….I skipped some of the days due to laziness and lack of relevance, I promise you haven’t missed much from the prompts I dropped!

#MarchMeetTheMaker – week 1 round-up

This month I am taking part in the March Meet the Maker photo challenge on Instagram.  This is an opportunity for people with creative businesses (like Tailfish by Pyry) to share a little bit more about the process, the business and themselves.  You can follow the posts daily on my Tailfish By Pyry Instgram account, or wait for me to do a weekly round up on here (but then you miss all the fun and interaction!).

So, in case you have missed them, here are the first 5 days of the challenge!

Day One – You

Day Two – Favourite to Make

Day Three – Workspace

Day Four – Tools

Day Five – Boomerang

From Instagram: New Hair Day

I love new hair day!! Thanks as always to @Spooky @makeupmannequin and all the crew at @notanothersalon for giving me a lovely morning 😄 you all rule!! #newhairday #orange #pink

Don’t you just love that fresh hair feeling? from Instagram: http://ift.tt/2lpXSFl

From Instagram: auraprint.uk business cards

Love my new business cards from auraprint.uk ! They let me design my own cards in exchange for a review and they just arrived!

So pleased with how they turned out! Can you guess what I did the colour pick on?

Full review to follow! Excited to share these with people at @iamcarriegreen’s book launch tomorrow! from Instagram: http://ift.tt/2lu993v