Stationery hunt turns to nature walk

I had to pop out mid-workshop yesterday for some extra stationery supplies….I love the cool things you get to see whilst out and about in London!

One thing I find when I am in St. Jame’s Park and Green Park is a near instant reaction to the pollen.  I think it’s the Plane Trees that get me.  The last time I did the BUPA 10km I was having a crazy sneezing fit whilst waiting around at the start.  Such a nightmare and it gets even worse when you get itchy face syndrome at the same time.

Thankfully I am up to date on my hayfever defences and so didn’t end up a sneezing, snotty mess by the time I got back to the session.  I am a big fan of Flixonase as it seems to deal really well with both itchy eyes and the sneezy side of things.

Do you suffer from hayfever?  What works for you?

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