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I took this week off work as the Boyf was on a course.  Rather than juggling working away (as I was travelling with him) I decided to take a week off and do something with my side projects rather than the day job (plus I had 11 days leave to take before the end of March and figured I should get cracking on that!).

So I have been spending a lot of time in Pret, catching up on some of Alex Gerlis’s* awesome spy books in audiobook form.  I’ve read the books before but when they came to Audible I decided they were worth a re-read in audio form.  Currently on the go is Vienna Spies*.

I have also been hugely productive, and have got the cue cards and gold stars all ready for my next 30 day fitness challenge.  In February we’ll be doing more squats, some tricep dips and sit-ups (or other ab exercises if you prefer).  You can sign-up for that, and join the Facebook group if you fancy joining the little crew I have been building since the start of January. You’ll only get the squat info for now, but I will send all the trackers round before the end of January.

Tailfish 30 Day Social Media ChallengeOnce that was completed I got cracking on the Tailfish 30 Day Social Media Challenge.  This is a fun spin on 30 daily prompts designed to build your social media following/audience.  I have had a great time building out the daily emails in MailChimp so that once someone has signed up they get the prompt in their email each day.  I also got a bit creative and developed a Premium Edition for people who love to plan ahead of time!  This is a paid version which gives you access to all the prompts in one go (via a stream of webpages), but I also built it out into OneNote, MeisterTask and Trello as well.

I’ve been playing with MeisterTask and Trello over the last few weeks and have ben using them as content calendars.  I love how you can set up a task/card, add a completion date and then load your content as you develop it.  It’s a great way to ensure you always have something to post!

If you’d like to get involved then here’s the sign-up page!  It’s a rolling challenge so you can hop in at any time.

Today I am still playing with a few project ideas, and I need to get out and run as well!  Here’s to another productive day and a very happy Friday!

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