Freebie Friday: Penny a Day Savings Tracker

Image shows penny a day savings tracker printableIt’s Freebie Friday once again!

This week we’re sticking to the savings theme, but this time a Penny a Day tracker.

For each day of the year you save the penny amount of the day (or mix and match throughout the year).

Once you’ve saved all the amounts you’ll have £667.95 in your Piggy Bank!

So how do I get may hands on this freebie you may ask?

  1. If you have already registered as a Tailfish member then you can just log in and get access from the main Freebie page.
  2. Not a member but fancy getting your hands on this and all previous Freebies?  Sign up for your free membership here!
  3. Just want this Freebie? Click here and we’ll make sure you get the Penny a Day Savings Tracker!

Happy saving!

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