Back to work

Well after the events of last Thursday I thought it was about time I commited to my promise of setting up a Blog so that friends, family etc had somewhere to check up on me in emergencies, so here it is!

Having been in the office when things kicked off last week I was strangely detached from what was happening as I watched everything unfold on TV and on the BBC News website, having updated my family before we really knew what the problem was I spent most of my day worrying about team members who were stranded across London and worrying about how I’d get home that evening. At 11am I was convinced that I’d be sleeping in the office, by 7pm I was home safe and sound! It amazes how well Transport for London got everything back up and running and how Londoners & commuters carried on with their lives.

I’m back in the office today and although the tube was a bit quieter than normal, I was impressed to see a large number of people going about life as normal. I know it’s been said by many others but it just shows that we won’t be beaten by such acts of terrorism and cowardice.

So that’s it, life goes on, we’re surving and we won’t be beaten!

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