Hurrah for air-conditioned trains (mobile post)

After a hot and stressful tube journey across London
theres not much better (apart perhaps from a nice cold
beer) than getting on a cool air-conditioned train.
Thanks to One rail company I can sit on the floor (I
can never get a seat) in a comfortable temperature
without feeling like a turkey facing impending doom.
Im used to commuting so sitting on the floor doesnt
bother me, although I frequently get odd looks from
people obviously returning from London on a day trip.
I dont care, having been awake for 12 hours i cant be
bothered to stand, my jumper makes a nice cushion and
I get more space than sitting in a seat next to some
city type in full over coat determined not to relax
his dress code to accomodate Summer. One, I salute you!

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  1. Kat

    It appears that blogging via email from my mobile doesn’t let me include apostrophes so apologies to anyone who thinks it’s me being slack or hates posts without them but it’s not my fault!
    (I’ll see if I can get around it without having to manually edit all my mobile posts but this could take a bit of trial and error)

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