1st and 2nd split the money

Well Eugene must now be pleased that he took the £50k when it was offered, at least by doing so both he and Anthony each ended up with £50k each. I can imagine how gutted he’d have been if he’d turned it down and then come 2nd allowing Anthony to walk away with £200k! Well it’s all over for another year and another quiet, non-threatening (and slightly boring) contestant has walked away with 1st prize in Big Brother.

I’m just glad it wasn’t one of the nutters walking away with the cash. I can cope with a normal (!) person winning the money but I’d have been gutted if a stalker, actress or loon had gone home loads richer.

So congrats to the geektastic Eugene, you’re a little bit odd (come on, he understood Davina when she said “hello” in morse code) and well done to Anthony, at least now you’ll be able to afford a lawyer when psycho Craig won’t leave you alone.

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