Beaten by a 13 year old! (The story of the weekend – part 2)

So Sunday dawned and it was time to make a trip down to Chatham for the annual High & Dry comp, thankfully it was slightly cooler than last year which was so hot I stupidly rode in a sleeveless vest, resulting in grazed and sunburnt shoulders!

I’m shocked to say I was actually pleased to be riding dendix again, after Saturday’s fiasco on permasnow I was actually riding fairly well, certainly I was able to get on an edge to turn and spin and even though they’re know as the “diamonds of death” I had missed them. It was also great to see other riders where finding it a relief to be back on the surface as well and it made for a good, fun competition.

The comp started with a jam session of just over an hour with everyone riding at the same timne trying to hit all the toys and ride as well as they could to get noticed and get through to the 2 run final and win some prizes. Riding with me in the girls comp was 13 year old Samantha Rodgers and to be honest I was surprised she hadn’t fallen asleep in a corner somewhere having been in France at a training camp last week then returning home to shower and change before heading straight out to beat me at Bracknell. Sam’s been riding really well of late and today she was at it again. We both made it through to the final, both having one good run and one not so good. In the end Sam won. I think it came down to the fact that she landed her cab180 whereas I fell on my backside 180. So once again I was beaten by someone less than half my age…….if I was a depressive type I’d give up snowboarding, as it is I’m determined to keep practicing just so it’s a bit harder for all these kids to keep beating me!

Thankfully I did beat Sam in the Big Air comp, run under Chatham rules i.e. furthest distance, no style required, no hands or bums down on landing! For probably the first time all weekend I actually managed to keep my large padded backside off the ground when I needed to. Unfortunately for Sam she didn’t and judging by her face at the time she’ll currently be finding sitting down slightly uncomfortable. On the brightside for Sam though she did win a free 3 hour air bag session on the Euroboys Airbag….no doubt she’ll put it to good use by getting even better and beating me again in 2 weeks time!

Thanks to everyone who was supportive of me this weekend, well done to all the riders, organisers and sponsors.

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