YAY! The Burton website is up and running

No not the website for the UK clothing firm….the US based uber-cool (IMHO) snowboarding company! I’ve been waiting for the site to go live all day and it’s finally up….loads of sick (in a good way) gear. It’s been great to see the actual colour of the stuff I’ve pre-ordered, you really aren’t going to be able to miss me :o) I’ve also spotted some other items I want, although because they’re from the girly range I need to check the fit on them before I order. Here’s hoping that a female XL is going to be big enough for both my ass and my padding.

For anyone that’s not seen me kitted out in boarding gear, I belong to the crowd that wears stuff super baggy and hung low on the hips, I HATE tight boarding gear as it feels restrictive so I normally ride in a men’s size large (although my pre-ordered pants are men’s XL so they can be shared with the other half – if he can prize them out of my grip!)

Hurrah! It’s like Christmas, I love this time of year when all the new gear comes out, all I need now is for Snow & Rock to get a delivery in and I can go and buy myself some new gloves with the money my team and work gave me for my birthday in March :o)

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