My Second home on "Holidays at Home"

I’m not sure if anyone was watching BBC1 at 7pm today but if you were then you probably saw my 2nd home, Tamworth Snowdome. The Holidays at Home show took a family there to try skiing, toboganning & snow-mobiling….shame they didn’t show any ‘boarders as I was looking forward to playing “spot my mate” but it was still cool to see people enjoying themselves on indoor snow.

I was at Tam on Saturday night, it was an excellent night, my mate Laura had come along to do some filming as she’s slightly broken at the mo and can’t ride….she’s managed to get some really good footage of the Vermin crew so the boyf is currently sticking together a mini-movie, I’ll share it once it’s done :o)

Tomorrow sees us back at Welwyn for another dry slope session, after my mammoth rail session on Saturday night I want to work on my kicker tricks for the weekend, comp season is fully upon us and I need to get my ass in gear to beat the young kids and get some free gear……wish me luck!

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