So today it finally rained….

Every week over the Summer I have been hoping for rain, firstly I don’t do heat, I really don’t enjoy being hot and sweaty, secondly rain makes the dry slope run faster. Every Tuesday I ride dry slope, every Tuesday I really hope that there’s rain. I’m not evil, I’d settle for an isolated cloud over the slope so that the rest of you sun worshipers aren’t inconvenienced but just once it’d be nice to have a bit of a shower. So today I’d booked the car in for a service, we’ve got some long journeys coming up so we thought it was sensible. So as we pulled off the drive way it started to rain, we dropped the car off, it rained harder and so we waited for the bus in the rain, walked to the shops in the rain, hung around in the rain, dried off a bit and then when the car was ready we walked for 2 miles and caught the bus in the rain……nice :o) At least it was warm rain but still, why is it it never rains when you want it to and always rains when you’re stranded, not dressed for it and really don’t fancy spending 5 hours in soggy clothing. I bet it doesn’t rain next Tuesday either! I’ll be there in hot, sweaty boarding kit, melting and getting grouchy wishing for a repeat of today’s weather and it’s not going to work.

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