…and it’s not the good kind where you’d say that a trick was sick either. No the boyf isn’t well, he’s been ill for the last week and has been struggling in to work and hoping for improvement but today it all got too much. Luckily for him I know he only says he’s not well when he actually is ill, he’s not one of these guys who makes out he’s on death’s door when he has a small splinter. Why lucky you may ask? Well we’re supposed to be in Castleford for the first of the Burton Black Metal Rail Jams and instead I’m stuck at home, no new rail set up for me tonight. I’m a bit gutted but what can I do I can hardly drag him 180 miles each way and make him stand in a fridge for 4 hours can I (I could but it’d make me a terrible girlfriend!). On the bright-side there are two more legs at MK and Tamworth to come, so I suppose it gives me something to look forward to.

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