Time flies when you're busy doing washing….

Well it’s all been a bit manic so I’ve had no time to post. What with family rows, head shaving incidents and getting hit in the rear at a roundabout my mind hasn’t really been on blogging. It’s amazing how time flies when you’re just doing normal day to day things, it also constantly amazes me just how much washing two adults can generate. It seems that between work clothes, boarding gear and gym kit I’m destined to do washing nearly every day…..at least I draw the line at ironing! In fact I think the only items I iron nowadays are snowboards when I’m doing a hot wax.
This week sees the Daily Mail Ski & Board Show take place in Olympia. It all kicks off tomorrow and in my mind officially signifies the start of the season, hopefully this means more new gear in the shops and also means that I’ll actually be able to buy wax. If one thing drives me mad it’s the fact that I always struggle to find snowboard wax over the summer period. This year we’re going to stock up so I’m not scrabbling round using up tiny leftovers by the time July comes round.

It’s so frustrating going into shops at the moment, the new kit comes in in dribs and drabs, mainly because the holiday maker boarders won’t start worrying about getting stuff until November/December time. So nowhere has their full stock, and I don’t want to splash out because I’m always worried that something better will come along the following week. That said, our Burton gear arrived and is sick! I am now the proud owner of some uber-baggy, super bright orange pants and J had a new jacket, we also managed to track down some of the new 32 limited edition lashed for him as his old boots were beyond dead.
Roll on Friday, I’m off to the show to watch the Best of British Big Air and cheer on the Jib Crews in the Boardroom, it’ll be a nice way to round off a busy week at work!

Winter’s on it’s way :o)

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