2 days and over 600 miles!

Yes I left my house at 5:30am Wednesday and returned at 9pm Thursday having driven over 600 miles and covered a route from Essex and back again via Ealing, Hull, Manchester, Stafford, Tamworth. Bedford, Ealing and finally home again. I was then up early this morning to get to work and finish a presentation for 9am ready for an all day seminar I was giving to 60 people.

What with traffic jams on the M6 and M1 it only took me 9 hours to get home from Manchester, on the brightside though I visited some nice offices, met some pretty cool colleagues and managed to pick up copies of Hungerpain and Bad Ass Big Airs….reviews to follow when I get round to watching them.

Oh and if any of you are feeling generous some happy thoughts would be nice as I’ve just applied for a promotion at work :o)

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