Q. What do you call a fish with no eye?

A. A Fsh

OK that’s the dodgy joke out of the way!

Last Thursday saw us (me, J and Bez) pay a trip to the London Aquarium to see the fish. Bez has recently bought a small aquarium and J and I are going to get one early next year so we thought we’d take the opportunity to skive off work and cheer up Bez as she was stuck at home with a broken wrist. We even got in at cheap rate by using the buy one get one free offer I picked up at the train station.

We had a really good time, some pics will follow once I manage to get them off my mobile phone but we saw some really cool things. The highlight for me had to be the shark feeding session and the spitting fish that shoots water into the air to knock juicy bugs of Amazonian tree branches. We were a bit disappointed in the sting ray touch pool as we couldn’t reach any rays to touch but I have a feeling that this could have been because it was half term and they were sensibly avoiding the shrieking children.

Oh and Krispy Kreme donuts rule!

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