Spotting jibbable material

I’m sure all you jibbers do this, scouting the terrain around, you picking out somewhere you’d head when the snow’s deep enough so I thought you’d find a recent post by Tom at Random Acts of Reality interesting

“I’m having a bit of an insomnia moment, so I turn on the television and randomly tune it to various stations. I come across the ‘extreme sports’ channel, and watch a film about skateboarders and parkour runners. As I’m watching them using steps, guard rails, benches, ramps, statues and other street furniture to make their way across town in an interesting way, I start to wonder if they see the city in a different way to the rest of us. Do they see jumps, ‘grinds’ and the like on an almost unconscious level?……….”

So why not stop by and say hello, and also check out some of his other postings about work for the London Ambulance Service

And if you’re out jibbing over the next few days I hope you don’t have to call him or one of his colleagues to fix you up if it all goes wrong!

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  1. Lukas

    Tony Hawk Pro Skater ruined my perception of the world. A semester of playing that every day meant I could never look at another handrail, ledge, windowsil, table, car, stack of books, railway track, pensioner, kerb, empty crisp packet without thinking, “I could grind that.”

    But of course, I can’t skate, and the only thing I can grind on a skateboard, is my teeth.

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