Well, it`s just typical. After having a blinding first day hitting the eight in-line kicker trail, the second day proved to be quite different. As Kat has said, the in-line kicker trail grew overnight, with some of the kickers developing rather nasty knuckles. Anyway, long story short kinda thing, I landed awkwardly on one of the bigger kickers, dug in a heel edge and span round, only my board span round and my leg didn`t….Hmmm Nice!

I sat out at the bottom of the park run, watching everybody else hitting the kickers and the rails (bugger). Then limped back to main lodge to rest up and sit in the sun.

Anyways, I`m up, and have popped a few painkillers and am hoping to be back up there today..Fingers crossed – touch wood.

The parks here are truly unbelievable. Big shouts for Joe and the Bezzatron for hitting up main and the gnarly C-boxes in south. Me, kat and the others will be hitting up the forest trail today, which has three lines of kickers – small, medium and large. I`ve swapped back to my softer board as well, cos I can`t handle being off a rail for this long!!!

Every rail I`ve seen so far is gap/jump-on or gap/jump-up, and I`ve only ever hit these once or twice, so it`s going to be a long day…

Ahhh Mammoth….. I`m off to Starbucks for a coffee.

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