Duck & cover!

Well I’ve just been checking on the Mammoth Mountain forum to see what the locals have to say about the in-coming storm and the weekend ahead….anyway I stumbled across this thread, it appears that just before 10am this morning we should have gone into “Duck & Cover” mode because there was an earthquake 26 miles from here measuring 4.3! I didn’t feel anything but it’s the closest I’ve ever been to a quake….pretty cool huh!

Actually looking at this map it seems there have been a few near here recently, I knew we were fairly near a fault line but hadn’t really considered that there’d actually be any quakes while I was here.

Any parents reading this blog please note this is apparently normal out here so there’s no need to worry about any of us unduly!

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  1. mike a

    It’s wierd to hear about them near the Mountains. nothing like that ever happens in europe. i suppose the american’s are use to it happening.

    Be funny going down, and the kickers start moving 🙂

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