Flying high

Well we made it, it was a long day with about 13 hours in the air over 2 flights, followed by a 3.5 hour drive from Reno to Mammoth (via Subway) and we’re just settling in.

J was pretty nervous of flying, it was the first flight he’d made in nearly 10 years and he really wasn’t looking forward to it. Although he isn’t yet converted to an excited flyer like me he certainly seems to have come through the experience pretty unscathed. I have to say that this is mostly thanks to someone we met on the flight from LA to Reno. We almost didn’t make this flight I have to say. Having seen the colour drain from J’s face when he saw the smallish prop plane we’d be travelling in I thought we may well be turning round and driving to Reno instead. He got on though and we took our seats (although to say he was not a happy bunny would be a huge understatement).

Luckily for us though we were seated near a lady called Willow Tequillo. Having read her website this morning we now know that not only is she a spiritual healer but she’s a medicine woman too. She spoke to J about his fears and gave him some excerises and help to make him feel more relaxed about flying. It really did help, I have to say he was gripping my hand a lot less firmly and he even managed to cope well with the turbulence we were hit with as we landed at Reno.

So well done J for coming with me, I know it was a huge fear and you came through it well. Also thanks to Willow for helping us, it was a pleasure to meet you.

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