Presidents Day is a Park Day

This morning The Boyf and I had a lay in ( well 8:30am is a lay in as far as I’m concerned). In fact he wasn’t even going to ride today, I think after me making him get up at 7am on Saturday and Sunday he wanted a day off. Still he changed his mind once everyone was up and ready to ride and did a quick 5 minute change from PJs to boarding gear in 5 minutes before we headed out the door with Laura and Stu on our way to South Park.

It was the first time The Boyf and I had ridden South for a week and unfortunately after 3 runs through we decided to leave the rest of the guys there and head back to to Forest Trail. I’m just starting to build my confidence on kickers at the moment and the kickers in South are either too small or way too big, at this stage in my riding I can’t afford to take a slam on a huge kicker as I know it’d knock my confidence (plus I hate spending 20 minutes in a lift queue to get one kicker hit in a run) so The Boyf and I headed back to Main (lift queue 1 minute) so I could keep practising jumps there and also get back on the pipe now there isn’t powder clogging it up. We were joined in the early afternoon by Steve who played in the pipe as well. He did really well and managed a few runs without stacking and he was getting pretty near the lip on a couple of hits as well. I was stoked that on my final run of the day I actually got pretty much out of the pipe, ok so it was on my first hit where the wall is a bit lower but I still did it….roll on tomorrow, I’m going to get The Boyf to get a shot of me in the air above the lip!

Heading home about 2:30pm The Boyf and Steve managed to talk me into a bit of back yard jibbing, so far I’ve managed to avoid these little trips but today I figured why not…..I’ll tell you why not…crashing into a large wooden log with your shins hurts! Still after a proper non-collapsible kicker had been built I managed to do some jibbing with the rest of them! Yay me!

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