So far….

Monday was a good day, it was a bit weird trying to find my legs, it’s been two years since I rode a mountain. Good to be back!
It’s been fun chasing the rest of the guys through the park, the most fun so far has been the Forest Trial with a run of 3 kickers, spine & Wall ride then being able to cut across to the quarter at the bottom…it’s ace….like Tamworth but with vert!

I’m finally finding my kicker legs as well, following a shaky start in South…..backside 1’s are the way forward but it’s taking a while to get used to steep landings after the flat of Tam.

It’s been good with riding with everyone, Ben & Lee have been pushing it. Both are spinning well off the kickers, hitting the quarter. Ben keeps hitting the Super Duper pipe along with Kat. Steve’s blatantly gay having bought a purple AirBlaster leg bag/leash LOL

Sign off time, another sunny day in Mammoth tomorrow….hope it gets stormy soon.

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  1. Mike A

    Sound’s Good! Rock Jib vid was cool, It’d be good to see some kicker riding, rub the salt in the wounds 🙂 Bet your all looking forward to some Pow

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