There’s a storm brewing!

The Boyf and I were back up the hill on Monday after a weekend of rest and recuperation and spent most of the day playing on kickers, with me sessioning the pipe…..I’ve decided however that a 149 Broads with no edges might not be the best board for riding pipe on. It definitely felt a load more sketchy than my Black Widow. Anyway we did a few rails as well befoer heading home for a meal and an early night.

We headed up almost in time for the first lift this morning, hitting the slopes at 8:30am. The change in the weather was noticeable from the moment we set foot out of the front door, it was much colder and there was quite a breeze. When we got out at Main Lodge it was certainly much colder and windier than it had been last week. So cold in fact that we had to close the vents on our jackets. Whether it was high winds or just general crapness on my part I stacked at the top of the pipe wall and landed on my head (hurrah for helmets!) so decided to head back down and have a restful day at home.

Anyway, from reading the local sites and speaking to local people it looks like there’s a storm heading this way, grey clouds are filling what has been a perfectly blue sky and apparently if the snow isn’t here by tomorrow it’ll certainly be here by the weekend. According to the daily email I get from the Mammoth Mountain info peeps it looks like we’re due a couple of feet! Yay!

Whether we’ll ride tomorrow or not depends on the weather I guess, I’m going to check with the locals for advice, no point risking it if the winds are going to be too high and visibility too poor…I’ll keep you all updated though.

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