I am the music man…..

Is there anyone else out there like me who just doesn’t “get” music. Whether it’s because my parents tried to get me to learn to play instruments or that I only really listened to instrumental music to find pieces suitable for gymnastic routines I don’t know but I’ve never been someone for whom music has become a passion, or even a big part of my life.

That’s not to say I don’t like it, or don;t listen to it (I’m currently listening to iTunes with 2722 songs at my finger tips) but I’ve never had a favourite band, been to a concert/gig (unless Ugly Duckling at this years Brits counts). I can never remember song words (I tend to listen to the melody and beat more than the words) and can never remember who sang what. Maybe it’s because of this that I have such a wide range of music that I listen to…..it quite literally goes from 187 Lockdown to Young MC & the Wurzels stopping at Take That and AC/DC on the way through.

So what I was wondering is how you all find the music you like listening to, do you stick to the same bands and genres or are you more free ranging like me?
I tend to pick up music that somehow ties in to my life, be it a song from a boarding movie I’ve watched, an advert on TV or just a song I’ve heard on the radio that’s stuck in my head and that I’ve linked with a certain period in my life.

Songs that have become linked with recent times are Eminem – Cleaning Out My Closet, Kyprios – Never Say Goodbye & Christina Aguilera – Beautiful.

So here’s your opportunity to shape my musical future, leave a comment with details of what you think I should be listening to and I’ll check it out and let you know if it clicks with me or not!

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  1. Automaton Overlord, Esq.

    arcade fire is good. rebellion (lies) is a great song. it’s nearly impossible to play that song too loud. voxtrot has been my favorite band for about 2 weeks now. usually bands last 1 with me.

  2. Vanessa

    I’m terrible with words and frequently get them wrong if I attempt to sing along, which annoys the hell out of my husband!

    With that in mind, I tend to prefer to stick to the old classics that I’ve heard long enough and often enough to know what they’re actually singing about.

    Eagles, Bon Jovi, Queen, Bob Marley etc are my ‘classics’! I have just bought The Kaiser Chiefs though so I am TRYING to leave the 80s behind.

    I tend to just pick up new stuff from the radio or soundtracks too and prefer to get hold of odd songs here and there rather than full albums.

  3. Kneeboards

    COWON A2
    Paranormal attak, Goa Generation, Alien Vs The Cat, Enigmatic World Portugal-Compiled By Holymen And Cosmic Station, Corvus Corax, Dagda, Brave Hearts… ~30G

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