Work hard, play hard!

This is what I’m aiming to do more of at the moment. The working hard isn’t proving to be too much of an issue to be honest with you. I’m currently managing 25 staff and believe me are they keeping me busy, it’s a good feeling though. Although I always seem to have a queue of people at my desk with queries or emailing with questions I consider this a good thing, at least by asking they seem to be learning and I’d much rather catch a problem before it occurs than have to struggle to undo a mess once it’s created.

Things are still quite tough in my office, we became Capita employees 3 months ago and the team are still in a mixture of stages of coping with this. Some, like me, have accepted Capita as an employee and are feeling positive about the future and what Capita can offer us. Others still believe that Capita are evil and that the BBC were the best ever employer ever (despite the fact they sold us) and others are in a mid-way place dependent on the moods of those surrounding them.

Friday 30th June sees the Capita employees who TUPEd from the BBC striking as part of the BECTU stand against the move to Belfast the the fact that we’re going to be redeployed in Capita if we choose not to go as opposed to getting automatic redundancy.

This is why I’m heading to Manchester, I’m going to be there to support those staff wishing to cross the picket line and ensure they feel safe in the work place…’s hoping my old university security “bouncer” skills don’t have to be brought to the forefront eh….that might surprise a few people. We’ve been assured that any protests will be peaceful, and I should hope so seeing as how we’re HR professionals but I suppose there’s always a slight risk of tempers flaring in such a sensitive situation.

If nothing else it should be a day in which a can catch up on some important work without a long queue of people at my desk.

So what about the play hard aspect of my life? I’ve rejoined the gym, and have actually been going regularly as well! I’ve also taken up yoga, I’ve currently going to classes at my gym and hope that not only will it improve my strength and flexibility for riding but aid me in leaving work in the office and not bringing my stresses home. Then there’s my riding, the summer competition series is almost upon us so I’m practicing hard and hoping to get a few new tricks under my belt so that I can keep up with the kids!

Saturday sees us taking the airbag for it’s first trip to snow. We’re going to be at MK Xscape from 7pm till midnight as part of their Park Strife event so I’m looking forward to getting some practice on the bag before taking the tricks to the kicker they have on the other slope to work on my landings…fingers crossed it all works and I don’t end up in another bruised heap!

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