I feel a storm brewing!

So Loic Le Meur tweeted this video “Girls of LeWeb3” with this comment “Girls of LeWeb3 video very cool ” and it’s attracted a flurry of negativity in the comments.

So the question is, is it good or bad?

To me it looks like this is one of those “Catch 22″ situations. It’s always possible that a video like this may encourage more girls to go to conferences like LeWeb3 as they can see that there is a female presence (and one that doesn’t conform to the view that all geek girls are mingers). Then again there’ll be those that are put off as it could be seen to portray women as objects.

Personally I’m not offended, I suppose the final thought would be whether all participants were aware they were being filmed.

Edit: For those looking for a boarding spin on this…..all-girls (boarding) movies, good or bad? Are they a good thing that showcases female talent when it might otherwise be over looked? Or should female riders be looking to push themselves into main stream mixed/male dominated films/filming crews?

Further edit: Livia Iacolore (one of the featured women) gives her views here

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