Thank goodness for new kit!

Goggle cleaning
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Boy am I glad we went shopping yesterday! Thanks to the helpful staff at Bazoom in Val Claret I was definitely visible in today’s poor conditions!

As you can see the light was rather flat, and it was pretty sleety so even if you managed to clean you goggles at the top of the run they were caked with ice within about 20m. Still it meant we were able to practice riding with “Jedi Legs”.

It also helped that we were both wearing suitable goggle lenses for the conditions, all around us you could see people hadn’t bothered to switch from bright weather lenses and were either struggling to see the terrain or had given up completely and were riding down with their goggles on top of their heads.

This was the first time that I’ve really felt comfortable riding in flat light, I know it was helped by the fact that we knew the run really well so were prepared for the random curves and gradient changes but I really do feel that my riding’s progressed this week.

Tomorrow’s our last day and apparently it’s due to dump 30cm tonight so maybe we’ll get some powder before we head off to Bourg to catch the train home.

J getting ready to ride

Can you spot me? (you may have to view the large image on Flickr)

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  1. e*star

    Nice colors! I’ve gone a bit girly myself with some cream, pink and brown colors. Oh, and a panda beanie on my head. 🙂 I must say when the light is like that my confidence isn’t at its highest…

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