The hunt for new kit…

While I’m not desperately in need of new kit I find it always pays to be aware of what’s available and what suits your needs way ahead of you actually being desperate for it. There’s nothing worse than killing a snowboard and not being able to find a new one in the size you want or that meets your requirements, and to this end I started a spreadsheet a few weeks ago. Yes I’m managing to bring geekiness to the world of snowboarding and have compiled a spreadsheet of boards that I think I could ride.

My key things this year (excluding ace graphics ‘cos we all know that that’ll be the deciding factor of any shortlist) are as follows:

  • waist width – must be under 25cm as I have midget feet and anything wider than that will mean I can’t get on my toe edge to turn the board
  • centred, true twin – I’m really trying to progress my switch riding & trick list at the moment so would much rather be on a board that rides the same both ways
  • stance width – must go wide! I currently ride a Nitro T2 on a maxed out stance of 24 inches, so anything with a max of 21 inches will be crossed off straight away

So I’ve rejected a number of boards for not meeting these requirements, and excluded a few brands because I don’t like the people promoting them and come up with a few that I’d like to look at in more detail. I’m not telling you which they are in case you poach the last one in the country before I get the chance to measure the relevant dimensions & check them out for graphic sickness but I promise to share when I actually make a purchase .

If you’re looking for somewhere to buy snowboarding kit this season then check out Sputnik in Marlow if you’re in the South (they’ve just taken delivery of a bunch of the exclusive Burton Private Stock) or AKA Snowskate if you’re in the North (they’ve started stocking Salomon this year, so you too can be like local Salomon sponsored rider Jamie Nicholls)


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