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I’ve mentioned before that I’m a bit odd when it comes to music, but recently I’ve been playing with the great thing about Blip is that as my friends listen to music and blip it I can listen to what their listening to, either by being on the Blip site and listening to what ever comes up or by seeing their Blips appear in the other social networks I use (Twitter, Jaiku etc) and if I spot something I like the look of then I can click the link and have a listen.

One time that music is really important to me is when I’m snowboarding, if the music that’s playing over the speakers isn’t right then it can put me off and I’ll ride really badly. It’s all mental of course but I find that the right music helps me to get my rhythm and settle down to do a good run. I have a number of playlists on my iPod for snowboarding, there’s my general riding playlist and then there’s my comp list. I’ve recently re-done this one and of the 7 tunes on it 4 I’ve found through my social networks.

It’s funny really but on reflection I get very attached to music, and if I like a track and it spurs me on then I can happily listen to it over and over (as my followers on Last.FM may have spotted), so it didn’t bother me that over the course of Saturday’s comp (9:30 – 15:30) I listened to just 7 tracks on shuffle. I was just happy to know that no matter what point I had to dro pin for my 2 runs I would have music playing that would make me happy, and that would just be there in the background to help me ride my best. It has to be said that DJ Tony who does the Snow Tour events plays awesome music, and in fact a lot of the tunes I have on my standard riding list I’ve heard him play at comps but I want to make sure I’m safe guarded against power/sound cuts like happened at Breahead earlier this season or just against the odd rogue track that gets through that just doesn’t click with me.

So here’s the list and where I found them, many thanks to those of you who Blipped them and helped me on my way to glory on Saturday (well 2nd in Masters & 5th Overall)

Point of No Return by Immortal Technique (random web searches for Immortal Technique)
Ante Up by M.O.P (not sure where I got this one but it’s been a fave for years)
Don’t Stop Me Now by Queen (The last song to play in the Crap Bar one night Brits 2006 with Sansom & Callie)
Amores Bongo by The Herbaliser (not a Blip but a Tweet by Joanna Geary)
Code Monkey by Jonathan Coulton (Blip by Alfie)
Handlebars by Flobots (Blip by TomVS)
Life Gets Better by Ed Solo & Skool of Thought (Blip/Tweet by Mark Media for Joanna Geary)

There are other songs I’ve listened too that I’ve added to my general playlists but these are the 7 I currently love!

So if you have any songs you think I should be listening then Blip me or leave a comment and I’ll check them out.

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  1. Joanna Geary

    Hi Kat!
    You have no idea how happy this post has made me.
    Chuffed you liked the music and you’ve put it to good use.
    And I’m exactly like you – if I really love a piece of music I will play it again and again. I thought I was the only one who did that – glad I’m not! 🙂

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