A new job, and a new Novotel….

..today I start my new job, after 2 years of living in hotels, first in Belfast and then 14 months in the Southampton Novotel I have moved on and taken a job that is based in London and requires a lot less travel and overnight stays. So it’s ironic really that on my first day I’m heading to Birmingham for 4 days/3 nights and funnily enough will be staying in the Birmingham Novotel! Not that I mind too much as it means I can get a few more hotel points on my A-card, which they only brought into being in the 13th month of my 14 month stay in the hotel.

I’m going back to working as a Business Analyst and I’m really looking forward to being involved in a more hands on way than I have been on the project I was working on in Southampton. Even better I’m back working with one of my bosses from the Belfast project so I’m not going fully into the dark unknown.

So as I sit on the train to Brum, I shall toast new beginnings with my breakfast smoothie and look forward to new challenges!

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