Awesome-ness of Sizemoric Proportions

Arran and Corren Brownlee & Sizemore
I wonder whether they were working on Slingers when this was taken. Photo courtesy of Annie Mole

Twitter has brought untold amounts of awesome into my life, I’ve met some brilliant people (too many to list but you know who you are!), gained me snowboard sponsorship from Humanity Snowboards and introduced me to Tuttle (more awesome people).  It’s a Tuttler that this post is about Mike Atherton (Sizemore) has been writing a script for a TV Show, Slingers, he and another Tuttler, Toby Moores (Sleepydog) took the concept to LA, convinced that that it was the next brilliant Sci Fi offering and it’s moved on to what I suppose you could call pre-pilot stage.

Mike’s blog post (Here we go…) will fill you in one the details and if you like your Sci Fi then I’d suggest following him on Twitter because he’s going to me going all social media on the “sizzler” filming.  I for one can’t wait to see how this progresses and hopefully it’ll be a case of the pilot episode coming to the square box in your home very soon!

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