Who’s Afraid of the Park?

Saturday was the MK leg of the Who’s Afraid of the Park series. These events put on by SNO!zone have been created to introduce freestyle beginners to the park, mixing a progressive park with coaching from the SNO!zone instructors supported by some of the sponsored riders.
I have to admit I had a really good time, despite finding myself in charge of a group of riders rather than just filling the support role. This was the first time I’ve ever done any coaching, but I managed to get all of my group settled on the box and kickers, focusing on getting their basic technique right so that they can safely progress on their own next time they hit a freestyle session. It was all about bent knees, being relaxed and riding straight for my group. I’m a big believer in getting the basics laid down before pushing for big tricks, it’s so much easier to progress if your basic riding technique is good.

It was great to see everyone with massive smiles on their faces, probably matched by mine when they all survived the session and I realised I hadn’t broken anyone!

This Saturday I’m heading up to Castleford for their version of the session, I haven’t been to Cas in ages and can’t wait to catch with the regulars on Friday night before introducing more newbies to freestyle on Saturday.

Here are some photos that The Boyf captured of me during the event.

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