Nearly November

October Summary
A fairly light month on the running front, I had a week away which meant I wasn’t training and in general I’ve been swayed into laziness. That will continue into this week as I am staying away again but it does mean I can focus on yoga for a few days.

Medal Monday: a relaxed weekend running with friends. 15.75 miles on Saturday, 5.25 on Sunday. Lots of fun and lovely medals #medalmonday #runstrong #runlong #marathonmaniac #thisgirlcan #loverunning #trainasone #trainsmartnothard #trainsmarternotharder #
I had some fun catching up with friends at the Winnie-the-Pooh and Tigger SVN races but have been keeping the distances low, and the magic plan has been increasing my pace a bit so I have been adjusting to that. I think it means I am getting fitter, which fits in nicely with my plans for speed and fitness before we hit 2017.

Work’s going well, I am settling into my new job and am looking forward to getting my teeth into new projects soon.  It’ll be exciting to learn about new clients, having been working with the same one for over 3 years, and to rise to new challenges.  I’m also going through that periodic attempt to get blogging more regularly. As I have no intention of writing a novel I won’t be partaking in NaNoWriMo, I will however give NaBloPoMo a shot.  It may end up just being a simple post about what running or yoga I have done but I’ll be trying to build a bit more consistency in my blogging schedule so that it flows nicely into the new year.

If there’s anything you would like to read about then leave a comment for me and I’ll try and incorporate it into my post schedule.

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