And today’s security alert is in Leicester….. (mobile post)

Today was supposed to be an enjoyable day out of the
office in Leicester as part of a work event, but no I
am currently sitting in Loughborough station because
no trains are stopping at Leicester due to a security
alert. Ah well it’s another station to add to my places
visited list and at least there is a warm waiting room
here and even better it’s not currently raining.
Hopefully it’ll be sorted soon, and Ill be able to
continue as planned. Otherwise I suppose it’s straight
back to London.

UPDATE: well I managed to get a coach to Leicester, work all afternoon and catch the train back to London from Leicester without any problems. I really hate being out of the office as it means I’m not up to date with the news, it wasn’t until my Dad called to check I was home safely that I even knew that 2 women had been arrested at gun point at Liverpool St station where I travel through each day. Luckily when I got there everything was open and I’m now relaxing back in Essex beer in hand & food on the go :o)

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