Flying ant day! (mobile post)

I don’t know if it’s a country-wide phenomenon that
occurs on the same day whatever the location or if the
day differs based on the weather conditions but today
in Essex it is flying ant day. Each year, for one day
only, literally hundreds of flying ants appear as if
from nowhere, and I hate it. Seriously, flies are bad
enough, but flying ants drive me mad. In the short
walk from train station to car I had them crawling on
my arms, in my hair and then they were sitting all
over the car….yuck! It’s always a muggy, thundery day
when this happens and luckily we’ve now had a couple of
downpours so I’m hoping they’ve all drowned. I just don’t
understand why this happens on one day only & what
exactly is the point in flying ants? Surely there can’t
be that many spiders to feed! Hopefully I’ve seen the
last of them for another year.

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