Another reason for me to get speakers for my PC

Apart from the obvious reason being that I currently can’t listen to music online, or in fact anything with sound I now have another reason to get some speakers sorted on my home PC. The BBC are screening the The Mighty Boosh online a week before the series kicks off on BBC 3. Now I haven’t seen any previous broadcasts of this programme so I’m not guaranteeing it’s comedy excellence, but reading the description it looks like it could be pretty good. So speakers permitting I’ll be viewing it online from Tuesday 19th July or I’ll be tuning in from work where I do have sound. More information can be found on The Official Site & and The Fan Site. I really like the fact that the BBC is making use of broadband in this manner, hopefully it will either capture a different audience to the BBC3 regulars or encourage more people to watch the channel after they’ve gained a taster via the web.

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