At the start of the learning curve

OK, now I’m the first to admit that not only am I new to this whole blogging malarky, I am pretty knowledgeless about HTML code, technical terms and editing web pages. My main exposure to web editing has been cutting and pasting amendments to my work website in DreamWeaver with very little thought about how it all works. So I’m feeling pretty proud of the fact that I’m managing to add all the little link buttons that will hoepfully make my blog look like people read it, even if in reality it’s just me, a couple of colleagues and my boyfriend.

I also want to thank Improbulus for this helpful post which has seemingly enabled me to add code to track trackbacks….we shall see if it works (if it doesn’t I’m sure it’s something that I’ve failed to tweak rather than a problem with the actual code listed or advice given!)

Oh and if you’re reading this then please leave a comment just so I know I’m not alone in viewing this page!

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  1. Improbulus

    Thanks for the mention and the link, I’m very glad my post helped – that’s who I’m aiming my blog at, mainly: intelligent beginners who want a practical no nonsense non-patronising guide to the techniques involved!

    And yes it does indeed work, click your trackback link and you’ll see.

    Happy trackbacking!

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