Snow much fun

The snow kept falling yesterday afternoon so I juggled my schedule and headed out to do the interval session planned for Tuesday morning. I wasn’t the only crazy one pounding the streets & there seemed to be even more runner’s comradery than normal as we left footprints in the snow & wiped flakes from our eye lashes. I’m not sure my tech liked the cold though. My Garmin rebooted after the 5th interval, and the pacing on RunKeeper seemed more off than normal. This probably contributed to the fact that my TrainAsOne program was convinced I had done and easy run not an interval session and left me more intervals to do this morning.

As I had a work meal tonight I was up at 5:30 and out to do my second interval session of the week. Rather than 6×30 seconds these were 3x3minutes. Much harder! Luckily the snow had mostly melted rather than turned to sheet ice!

Session done it was coffee, work and then another lunchtime cardio session (and 30 press-ups). The press-ups are the only 30 day challenge that is still on the go. I will complete them but need to consider the worthiness of the others and decide what I will do for my February challenges.

No running tomorrow but meetings permitting I’ll squeeze another 30 minutes in at the gym over lunch.



Monday musings

IMG_4708Another combined post, this time for Janathon days 18 (Sunday) and 19 (Monday).

Sunday was a threshold session calling for 47 minutes of running including 10 minutes at 5:22/km pace. A bit of cunning planning beforehand meant I managed to route this so that this interval took place on a long downhill section. Slightly less cunning was the fact I had to run to the top of the hill at 6:17/km pace! I was so happy to reach the top of the hill and have 2 minutes of walk to recover before heading back down. Garmin says I averaged 5:37/km for the interval, RunKeeper says I did kilometre 5 in 5:03…..I do find it frustrating that if you have programmed intervals on the Garmin 620 and are following a “workout” that it doesn’t give you your kilometre splits as well. Typically I hadn’t bothered to preprogram RunKeeper with intervals as well so can’t directly cross-compare. Nevermind, I know I ran as hard as my legs, lungs and heart would let me. I also managed not to walk after the speedy interval was complete and just eased back gently to 6:17/km-ish pace for the last 14 minutes. A really good run and according to the Boyf I was flying on the downhill section as he couldn’t catch me. He had given me a bit of a head start, how hard he really tried to make up the distance I can’t say but it was nice of him to not blast past me. No 30 day challenges on Sunday either but I did fit in two recovery naps (before and after lunch).

Monday is back to the office day, an early morning flight, lunchtime gym session & consideration to be given to the 30 day challenges. I have an assessment session to run tomorrow, so need my legs to be in tip-top condition (I have done the 80 squats and 27 press-ups but will ditch the 150 second wall-sit). I also need to decide whether to run it before work (and risk a gurgling belly & potential #codebrown panic) to take advantage of people free paths for the “6 minute as fast as I can interval”, or run after work, with less risk of #codebrown but increased people-traffic & post-work sluggishness.



Snow! & how things have slipped a bit

I’ve slipped a bit! Day 15 didn’t quite finished as planned, the wall sit, plank and press-ups didn’t happen. When the Boyf arrived at the hotel we went and ate, and had pudding (apple & cherry crumble with ice cream), and 2 pints of Guinness, so there was no way I was going to jiggle that lot about!

Day 16 (Friday) comprised the left over 30 day challenge stuff from Day 14 (the challenges are one day behind Janathon time) but did not include the Day 15 stuff, of which I have done the plank today. I am not doing the wall sit ( I have a tough run tomorrow and I do not want knackered legs for it). Press-ups and squats are rest day. So Janathon time and 30 challenge time is all out of kilter.

I did however spend 56 minutes running round and round a track last night! Planned run, 5 mins at 7:15/km, 24 mins at 6:17/km, 16 mins at 5:45/km and 11 mins at 6:17/km. Actual pace was pretty close except for the fast interval where I just couldn’t get my legs and lungs to work together and get up to speed. I didn’t walk or quit though so I refuse to mark this up as a complete failure!

Today’s Janathon has comprised of the aforementioned plank (90 seconds) and volunteering at Wimpole parkrun’s belated 2nd birthday (last week was cancelled due to high winds). The morning started off with a nice golden sunrise over the frosty grounds, before turning a bit more wintry! Snow! Despite layers and multiple gloves I still ended up with a numb photography finger. It was great seeing everyone enjoying themselves and I think my photos captured the essence of parkrun (even if some of them aren’t brilliant). The full Flickr album can be viewed here.

There we have it, still active even if things are starting to slip a little bit. The key thing for me is making sure I get my runs in. I have a timed race in February (run as many 5km-ish loops as I can in 6 hours), so if Azia feel the 30 day challenges are having a negative impact on me then I will reduce the times/reps or drop them completely.

Oh and I ate a whole, large pizza….because I can!


Janathon Day 15 Tiredness

A slightly later start than normal today as I decided to time the end of my run to match Starbucks’ opening. Alarm went off at 5:15am, at 5:30am I got out of bed to put the light on (Room 23 has a non-working bedside light switch), and then read Facebook in bed for 15 minutes to properly wake up. Out at 6:15am for 47 mins at 6:17/km pace. I knew pretty much immediately that that wasn’t happening. Legs of lead were the order of the day, so I stuck at a slightly slower pace to make sure I at least completed the designated time. I also stuck in a couple of hills reps towards the end of the run to make me feel a bit better about easing off on the pace. I arrived at Starbucks, grabbed a latte and Pita Rustica before heading back to the hotel. Given the heavy legs and sluggishness I felt the need for a bit of extra carb today, I almost had cake but decided a nice seedy roll, chicken and squishy cream cheese (warmed) was probably better. Got to the hotel just in time to offload a large amount of toxic waste….sometimes morning runs go smoothly, others the jiggling just shakes things up just a bit too much. I hadn’t planned in time for excessive loo stops in my “get in, shower, finish packing and get to the office for 8:00am” plan so arrived a bit later than normal….I was still first in though, hurrah!

I decided to skip the gym today, I was really feeling the tiredness and decided it was better to rest than tire myself further. Instead I walked to McDonald’s to pick up a crispy chicken Ceasar salad (a tiny bit more carb) and got told off on Twitter (McDonald’s is bad m’kay). I replied in disagreement, I truly believe that if you choose wisely McDonald’s can be a much better option than grabbing a sandwich or eating ready cook pasta. I tend to eat more fat/protein than I do carb and so for me chicken salad works just fine. I’d normally go for the grilled chicken version but I know when more carb is needed and when it isn’t and today was a definite carb day.

120 squats in the loo mid afternoon got one of my 30 day challenges out of the way. Wall sit, press-ups and plank are all on hold as I can’t get into tonight’s hotel room… instead there’s Guinness!


This Girl Does

I am very lucky, I am full of self belief, yes sometimes I am afraid, but I believe I can do anything I set my mind to. I am also pretty confident in how I look, I don’t love my body, there are bits I could improve (and sometimes if I can be bothered I try and improve them). The key thing is I don’t let those worries stop me doing the things I want. I wear short skirts (my legs aren’t stick thin), I run (bits of me jiggle, even with compression wear), I mostly can’t be bothered to put make-up on (it never lasts more than an hour), I don’t let being a girl stop me (I snowboard & do tricks, lots of girls don’t freestyle).

Not everyone is as lucky as me, not everyone has the confidence to do what they want, wear what they want, do the job they want or the sport they want….Sport England are currently running a campaign, This Girl Can, to encourage more women to be active and to show them that there are people out there playing sport & exercising in all shapes and sizes and there is no reason not to get involved and give it a go.

Body issues aren’t just a girl thing of course, and so I encourage men and women to watch these videos (This Girl Can & Behind the Scenes) and then get active. Whether you think you are too fat, too thin, too weird looking, it doesn’t matter. No one cares and if they do then tough, you mustn’t let it affect you! Get out there, get active and have some fun and show them that #thisgirlcan

On that note today’s Janathon has seen me do 30 mins of cardio at the gym over lunch, 75 squats, 27 press-ups and once my McDonald’s has gone down I’ll be doing my 130 second wall sit (my legs may drop off).