Snow! & how things have slipped a bit

I’ve slipped a bit! Day 15 didn’t quite finished as planned, the wall sit, plank and press-ups didn’t happen. When the Boyf arrived at the hotel we went and ate, and had pudding (apple & cherry crumble with ice cream), and 2 pints of Guinness, so there was no way I was going to jiggle that lot about!

Day 16 (Friday) comprised the left over 30 day challenge stuff from Day 14 (the challenges are one day behind Janathon time) but did not include the Day 15 stuff, of which I have done the plank today. I am not doing the wall sit ( I have a tough run tomorrow and I do not want knackered legs for it). Press-ups and squats are rest day. So Janathon time and 30 challenge time is all out of kilter.

I did however spend 56 minutes running round and round a track last night! Planned run, 5 mins at 7:15/km, 24 mins at 6:17/km, 16 mins at 5:45/km and 11 mins at 6:17/km. Actual pace was pretty close except for the fast interval where I just couldn’t get my legs and lungs to work together and get up to speed. I didn’t walk or quit though so I refuse to mark this up as a complete failure!

Today’s Janathon has comprised of the aforementioned plank (90 seconds) and volunteering at Wimpole parkrun’s belated 2nd birthday (last week was cancelled due to high winds). The morning started off with a nice golden sunrise over the frosty grounds, before turning a bit more wintry! Snow! Despite layers and multiple gloves I still ended up with a numb photography finger. It was great seeing everyone enjoying themselves and I think my photos captured the essence of parkrun (even if some of them aren’t brilliant). The full Flickr album can be viewed here.

There we have it, still active even if things are starting to slip a little bit. The key thing for me is making sure I get my runs in. I have a timed race in February (run as many 5km-ish loops as I can in 6 hours), so if Azia feel the 30 day challenges are having a negative impact on me then I will reduce the times/reps or drop them completely.

Oh and I ate a whole, large pizza….because I can!


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