Janathon Done

I did it! OK some of the daily updates were simply a Tweet or mention on Facebook but Janathon is done! Panshanger parkrun finished off the month nicely and the snow held off until I was back home and walking to the shops to get food and collect some parcels (still no trainers but I do have my Skechers Go Walk for work and replacement SodaStream gas).

I’ve done a quick review of what I have done in January and it comes out at 20 runs, 13 gym sessions and I volunteered twice at parkrun (plus this is my 22nd blog post!). I managed about 50% of the month doing the 30 day challenges but stopped because it felt like it was doing more harm to my running than good. I need to rethink that aspect of my training for February and will do a separate post about that once I have pondered further.

February is going to be an interesting month, if all goes to plan I will finish my first ultra distance run on February 22nd. It’s a timed, multi-lap event, so I just need to keep moving onwards for 6 hours. I will settle for getting a marathon done, but would love to hit 50km if I can. I think that the outcome of the race will also confirm that the TrainAsOne method of training really does work for me. The concept is Train Smarter, Not Harder and I do feel as though I am running better than when I was using RunCoach. Distance-wise I am running less but I am feeling stronger, hopefully I will cope with the mental aspects of 5km-ish loops for 6 hours and prove to myself you don’t need mega-miles underfoot to perform well.

Scuppered by work

imagePart 1: written Thursday night on my flight home (forgot to post it though)

A travel day today meant I was only in the office until 15:30, couple that with a rather hectic day at work and I didn’t make it to the gym at lunchtime. Not great but I will make up for it with 32 press-ups when I finally get home tonight (possibly before dinner though as I am not sure press-ups on a full stomach are the best idea.

Yesterday’s workout comprised of 30 minutes lunchtime cardio and 31 press-ups. I very nearly did Friday’s scheduled run last night as I had had a fairly stressful day in the office, but I was tired and overly grumpy and knew running in that mood was a bad idea if it wasn’t really required. That means I will need to get out for 61 minutes at some point tomorrow. It’s a working from home day, and the fact I will be working Swiss hours from the UK means I should be done and dusted by 16:00 at the latest, so it won’t be too tricky to fit it in.

If I am lucky then my new Asics trainers may arrive, fingers crossed!


Part 2: Friday

No Asics trainers yet, I managed to get my run in at lunchtime though. It was a bit slushy but my pacing was good and my heart rate seems to be staying at a reasonable level (for me) in the steady intervals.
parkrun tomorrow, we were due to go to Thetford to meet the TrainAsOne team but given it might be snowy we’ve put that on hold. Looks like it’ll be Panshanger instead. We were last there on Christmas Day, and I have just realised that although I did my 50th parkrun on NYD, tomorrow will be 51. Having kicked off 2015 with some volunteering I am looking forward to getting back to parkrunning!


Snow much fun

The snow kept falling yesterday afternoon so I juggled my schedule and headed out to do the interval session planned for Tuesday morning. I wasn’t the only crazy one pounding the streets & there seemed to be even more runner’s comradery than normal as we left footprints in the snow & wiped flakes from our eye lashes. I’m not sure my tech liked the cold though. My Garmin rebooted after the 5th interval, and the pacing on RunKeeper seemed more off than normal. This probably contributed to the fact that my TrainAsOne program was convinced I had done and easy run not an interval session and left me more intervals to do this morning.

As I had a work meal tonight I was up at 5:30 and out to do my second interval session of the week. Rather than 6×30 seconds these were 3x3minutes. Much harder! Luckily the snow had mostly melted rather than turned to sheet ice!

Session done it was coffee, work and then another lunchtime cardio session (and 30 press-ups). The press-ups are the only 30 day challenge that is still on the go. I will complete them but need to consider the worthiness of the others and decide what I will do for my February challenges.

No running tomorrow but meetings permitting I’ll squeeze another 30 minutes in at the gym over lunch.



Into the final stretch

It’s the last week of Janathon and I haven’t done a bad job at sticking with it. Better than I expected that’s for sure. They last few days have been blog post free as rest days aren’t that exciting to post about, let alone read about. Friday I was working from home, it was a rest day, I worked and then had a nap. Saturday was a rest day, I skipped parkrun, ate crumpets and pancakes at the Delaunay and wandered round London for the morning. This resulted in the bargainous purchase of pink & orange leopard print leggings and some less bargainous, but no less awesome items from Lululemon (another skort and 2 casual tops).

IMG_4750Sunday was a threshold run, although at a slower pace than last week I still planned the route so the fast 10 minute section was going downhill not up. To make up for the gravitational assistance I ran a bit faster than my designated pace. 41 minutes in the bag! Scary to think that in one month’s time I’ll have completed what I hope will be my furthest distance ever run. Time-wise the 6 hour challenge will probably mean I’ll be on course for less time than my first marathon (unless I manage to time my departure from the aid-station just right and get some extra time to complete my final lap). I am however hoping that given the course is flatter than the Lake District and that I will be constantly looping past the aid station that my forward motion will carry me further in the same time.

We shall see in 4 weeks I suppose. At the very least I want to keep going for the full time and try to refuel on the move (maybe walking for a minute or two on each lap as I pass through the aid station). Even if I end up walking the last few loops I want to keep going, not stop early (even though you can claim your bling after 1 lap).

I have a lunchtime gym session planned for today, with a run tomorrow, but I might shuffle that if it snows in Basel today. If it does then the big kid in me intends to go and run in it!


Maths & tech fail

Last night I diligently prepped for this morning’s run. I synced my interval workout to my Garmin 620, I created a high level RunKeeper workout and set that ready too. By high level I mean I worked out how long my walk/sprint section would last for (5 minutes) rather than separating each of the walk for 30 second, run for 30 second intervals (of which there were 10 of each) as that was way too time consuming. After all my watch would alert me to when each interval started and finished.

Can you see where this is heading yet?

5am, alarm goes off, cold coffee downed (to kick start bodily functions) and I started to layer my compression gear. Mio Fuse wristband heart rate monitor on (I will review this at some point), but it couldn’t find my pulse. Try again, give up.Tech won’t beat me this morning…head out the door. Mio starts working as I head down the stairs, Garmin picks up satellites as I walk out the door, I start RunKeeper. 15 seconds later (I get gloves on and phone tucked away), work out starts, I hit go on the Garmin and start jogging. Slow start today, 5 mins at 7:54/km pace, all is well, 2 minute updates from RunKeeper, pace, distance, heart rate, all is well with the world. Five minutes elapse, next interval, 13 minutes at 6:54/km, ease up the bridge and realise my Garmin isn’t nagging me with “too fast”, “too slow” warnings. Foggy brain ponders….ah yes, that will be because I chose go, not select workout,sprintervals, go! Bother. Hmmmm sprintervals, 30 seconds on 30 seconds off and my RunKeeper isn’t programmed for that. Keep running, stop Garmin, keep running, select workout, hit go, keep running, skip warm-up interval. Success, Garmin & RunKeeper are now both running but interval times are out of sync. Run more, interval time is almost here. RunKeeper says start intervals, I hit lap on my Garmin and start my first walk interval. We’re back in sync, all is well with the world! Hurrah, I rock, I manage my tech it doesn’t manage me….all hail Kat Queen of Gadgets (I was wearing my Pebble too, 3 items of wrist worn tech and an iPhone, could I be more awesome?!). Sprinty sprint, walk, sprinty sprint, all is good, I am happy. RunKeeper pipes up to tell me my sprinterval interval is over, my Garmin disagrees. I keep up with the walk/sprint rotations, 90 seconds of baffled ponderance later the penny finally drops! 10 reps of walk 30 seconds, sprint 30 seconds does not take 5 minutes. Yes, 10 divided by 2 is 5, but 10 times 1 (30+30) is 10! So you need a 10 minute RunKeeper interval to cover you. Not 5! Pay attention in maths class kids, you never know when you might need it.

Anyway after that fail I was almost done on the sprinterval section and was able to ease off on the pace for the final run back to the hotel. Run done all before 6:30am.

I managed to squeeze in 30 minutes of cardio at the gym over lunchtime too! Not bad for a travel day (and for multi-tasking by blogging this whilst I fly home). No running now till Sunday, I suppose I will have to do some of my 30 day challenges, and perhaps even a Dressing Gown Dash to give me something to fulfil my Janathobligations!