Janathon Day 8

So glad to be back running! My cold has retreated enough that I could kickoff my training for my next goal race with a @trainasone perceive effort run. It went well and I feel like I’ll be able to give Tuesday’s 3.2km assessment run a good bash too
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Janathon Day 7

Feeling much better today, managed a 12km walk plus my challenges for #Janathon #fabletics21
Looks like tomorrow will be my @TrainAsOne perceived effort run as per the plan!
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Janathon Day 6

Janathon Day 6, improvement continues, still no yoga or running but have started to include meditation as part of @fabletics_uk #fabletics21 21 days of habit building. I’m hoping it will get me back to making use of @headspace more regularly.
On course for getting my run back on by Sunday though

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Janathon Day 5

Janathon Day 5 – back on the 30 day challenges, squats and press-ups done, and a tasty turkey egg muffin from r breakfast. Today has been full of win. Even more important my snot level is reducing too, so running and yoga could be back on the cards soon!

Janathon Day 4

A relatively lazy day as still full of cold and my 30 day challenges were both on rest days.  I did manage a walk though, so still in the game!