Finding the right mindset, let Lucy Locket Loves guide you

Image - Lucy Locket Loves Mindset WorkbookLife is hard, but I am a strong believer that with the right mindset you can achieve pretty much anything you set your mind to (insert traditional caveats here, that you are unlikely to grow wings and fly under your own power, or become a unicorn).  Often it becomes about how you frame your vision, and how flexible you are about how to reach that end goal.  Sometimes that could mean compromising your values (or someone else’s)…why else would Olympic athletes constantly be found taking performance enhancing drugs?

Ultimately it’s because their end goal of winning means more to them than not winning, they will literally do anything it takes to be number 1.  To them the benefit outweighs the risk of being found out, breaking the rules, or the law.

Now I am not saying you should completely do away with your morals and start beating up strangers in Starbucks just because you want the seat that they have.  You could however look at what you achieve and then assess whether you are doing all you can to achieve what you want….and you….eating that giant cookie….you’re only going to lose weight if you look at your cookies in to exercise out ratio!  Maybe start by buying less cookies, that’ll help you eat less of them (stealing cookies from children is not a workaround here either) and perhaps you’ll lose weight.

Or perhaps you should look at why you lose weight.  You might think it will make you happier, but then again it might not.  How do you know if you want to achieve something for your own reasons, and not someone else’s?  How can you tell if actually it is the right destination and journey for you?  It’s tough isn’t it?

To find the right mindset, you might find you need a little help and guidance, and Lucy, from Lucy Locket Loves has put together a great Mindset Activity Book to help you get there.  Here’s what she says about it:

Do you struggle to get clear on what you want to achieve and how to stay focused?

Do you need help getting into your own thoughts and feelings? Whether it’s fitness, health, job, worklife balance related sometimes we all need abit of help with our goals and what drives us!

This is EXACTLY what my NEW mindset workbook is for, included are:

-Setting goals exercises

-Mindset habits exercises

-Consistency exercises

-Affirmations exercises

Sounds pretty cool huh?  It’s a nicely put together PDF that you can either print off and scribble on as you work through all of the exercises, OR, if you’re a digital lover like me, simply import it into your favourite PDF annotation app and away you go.  Mine’s ready to go in OneNote alongside my digital Bullet Journal.

As a launch offer, Lucy’s offering readers of Tailfish the chance to get her Mindset Activity Book for just £4.99 instead of the usual £8.99!  All you need to do is visit her site, go to “Make Payment Online” and when you enter the details of the Mindset Activity Book in the purchase box, make sure that you quote TAILFISH as a discount code in the notes section.

Nice and simple, and you can be chilling with a coffee and your workbook in no time!

I look forward to hearing what you all achieve with her guidance!

Janathon Day 4

A relatively lazy day as still full of cold and my 30 day challenges were both on rest days.  I did manage a walk though, so still in the game!

Review: Nutri Advanced ProbotiX Daily 5 Live

Nutri Advanced ProbotiX Daily 5 Live
As you may remember from my Samphire 100 race report, I often suffer from stomach issues whilst running. This can happen on both training runs and races and no matter how much I try to eat sensibly in advance of a session I can still find myself needing to make an urgent pit-stop to avoid a #codebrown moment.I have also noticed that I have been getting a bit bloated and was wondering if it was time to get back on some probiotic yogurt drinks to try and improve my gut bacteria and see if that helped. The problem is whilst I am not lactose intolerant, I have a sensitivity to products with bovine serum in (so basically some dairy products can irritate my stomach more than help it).

As the probiotic drinks are normally cow’s yogurt based, they might not be the best for me anyway, so I was grateful to have the chance to try a free sample of the Nutri Advanced ProbotiX Daily 5 Live tablets. As these are both Vegetarian & Vegan friendly, I knew that there would be no issues with any potential dairy intolerances.

The fact they come in capsule form is great for me as it means if I am travelling with work I can take them with me to maintain my digestive health, something that can’t be said with the probiotic drinks (which need refrigeration, and would certainly use up my liquid allowance at the airport!).

So do they work? Well, I have certainly seen an increase in regularity since I have started to use them, and they must have reduced my bloating as the Boyf has been commenting on the reappearance of my four-pack (I’m too lazy and like my food too much to have a six-pack!).

They also contain 3 strains of Lactobacillus, so when I do stray from my Goat’s milk, butter and cheese and treat myself to a pot of molten fondue it keeps any negative reaction to a minimum.

When my trial pot is finished I will certainly be buying some more as I do feel as though it has made a positive difference to my digestion and digestive behaviour. I know it won’t give any guarantees on race day as it is impossible to predict how a stomach is going to feel when you shake it about for hours on end, but I do feel as though it’s a step in the right direction to being able to race strongly and trust that my Imodium dose will keep pace with me.
You can read the full details of what wonderful buglets are in the Nutri Advanced ProbotiX Daily 5 Live capsules on the Nutri Advanced site and also review what other useful products they have available.

The health resolutions you need to keep in 2017

As the year draws to a close, it’s tempting to think about New Year resolutions, and about the changes we fully intend to make in our lives. I’ve collaborated with HCA to bring you some insight into how you can make some of your New year resolutions “stick”.
Your resolutions could be as simple (and important!) as “leave the office earlier”, or the more complex (and equally important) “lose weight and keep fit”.

However, the reason most of us fail to reach our goals is that we expect too much of ourselves. Resolutions are only of any practical use if we know where we’re going, and how we’re going to get there. Here are some health resolutions you should consider for 2017, and some tips for achieving them:

I am going to get fit

If you don’t already exercise regularly, it’s a good idea to get a steady routine in place. You could change “I am going to get fit” to “I am going to get fit by taking a half hour walk at least three times a week”. Studies show that you only need to exercise for half an hour a day to have a beneficial effect on your overall health.

I am going to go on a diet

Ask yourself what you’re going on a diet for; if the answer is anything other than to be healthier than you are, then it might be for the wrong reasons. Additionally, “diets” as such don’t work; a very restrictive eating plan isn’t sustainable as a life-long choice, whereas making sensible substitutions a little at a time is. Instead of “I am going on a diet”, consider using a smaller plate for your largest meal of the day, so that your portion sizes shrink automatically.

I am going to join a gym

This is a good one, and lots of us fall over here. Joining a gym is easy; making the effort to go on a regular basis is rather harder! As any regular gym-goer will tell you, they are jam-packed with enthusiastic exercisers in January, many of whom fall by the wayside by early March. Try “I am going to join a local exercise class with a friend” instead. Your natural competitive streak will help both of you stay on track.

I am going to look after myself

This needs no modification. If you don’t look after your health and listen to any of those niggling aches and pains that you never speak to the doctor about, no amount of good resolve will get you back to your best. Make this your year to have a full health check. Whilst it can be scary to delve into the unknown, it is better to identify issues sooner rather than later so that you can undergo any relevant treatment.

If your GP finds anything that concerns them and needs further investigation, The Christie Clinic deal with all stages of diagnosis and treatment of a variety of cancers, including a comprehensive counselling and support service to help you come to terms with your diagnosis, treatment, and recovery. If 2017 means a cancer diagnosis for you (and let’s hope it doesn’t), let them give you the best possible care.

Fitness at Work

image - ASICS Gel-indicate trainers

As you know fitness is important to me, but juggling fitness around work is also of key importance.  My life is a mix of working away and working from home so it can be especially tricky to make sure I am balancing things well enough that my health & fitness don’t suffer.

This article from SimplyhealthHow to promote fitness at work: Incentives and initiatives, gives some great ideas from a company perspective, but I am a big believer that you need to take responsibility for your health yourself as well.  I mean it’s great if you have access to a company gym or Cycle to Work scheme, but you actually have to make sure you use the opportunities available to you as well.

For a while whilst working in Switzerland I was able to make use of the company gym, heading there in my lunch break to squeeze in some low impact cardio to support my running.  A change of role and an increase in working from home meant that lunch breaks became a thing of the past and access to the work gym is no longer an option.  Now whilst I am away I focus on my running schedule, but when I am working from home I have made sure I have incorporated exercise into my daily routine.

Standing Desk

First up I have made myself a standing desk, this highly technical construction of 3 stacker boxes works perfectly for me and it means I spend less time sitting down and more working my muscles.  I had a standing desk in the office too, but peer pressure meant I would still spend more of my time sitting than standing.

I also try and squeeze a few exercises in during the day as well, every hour I will stop and do 10 squats and 10 press-ups (currently the cheaty kind on my knees).  Of course doing this in your office can be a touch embarrassing, so I work around this by doing the squats when I take a loo break and skip the press-ups (or do them standing up against the wall).

The most important thing I find when working from home though is to make sure I make time for exercise outside work hours.  I am generally at my desk from 7am – 5pm but it is all to easy to extend the working day and then just hit the couch.  So I make sure I have signed up for evening classes at the gym or have my runs planned out so that whatever the weather or whatever happens in work I down tools and get myself out there.

I am already seeing the benefits of having these plans in place, my legs are toning up from the standing and I think that long term standing will help me get used to the increase in “time on feet” that I will need as I extend the distance of my races.

Thanks in advance to Joe Blogs Blogger Network & Simplyhealth for the thank you gifts for this post.  I look forward to using them to continue my quest for a healthy life.

How do you keep fit at work? Are you a run commuter or do you get up to something more creative?