Dilbert: Presentee-ism

There’s a great Dilbert cartoon today on the subject of presentee-ism.  You can take a look at it here.

I have always felt that having to work much longer than your contracted hours is a sign of poor time management or that you are taking too much on and have always tried to ensure I don’t work late just for the sake of it.

It is a shame that all to often company culture is such that it is better to be a bum on a seat late into the night that just to be productive and do a good job!

Still waiting: Windows 10

image windows 10 reservation screen shot

Windows 10 was released yesterday but I am yet to get my hands on it.  I’ve put in my reservation request but as yet it is still taunting me and there are no available updates.

I like shiny new things, back when Windows 7 was on the horizon I installed the beta on an old laptop to have a play with it.  I was quite proud of myself as I am not IT trained but I managed to wing it with user guides etc.  I would have done the same with Windows 10 as I just haven’t really settled into Windows 8 and am keen to see what’s really changed, but I just haven’t had the time.

When the lovely team at Joe Blogs asked if I wanted to blog about the installation process and first thoughts in conjunction with Currys I jumped at the chance but it looks like the world is being drip fed, and it isn’t raining where I am right now!

techtalk-logoI did try, I promise…I even got Googling and thought I had found a way to force it down.  It involved file deletion and use of the command line so of course I dived straight in.  4 attempts so far and still not a sausage (it downloads but the install fails) so instead of telling you all how shiny it is I will instead have to satisfy myself with reading about it on the Currys TechTalk pageTop 5 innovations in Windows 10.

I am looking forward to playing with the new browser.  I have used a few in my time some now mainstream (Firefox) and others that are probably long dead (anyone remember Flock?) but it will be interesting to see if it really is new or just the same old stuff that doesn’t really affect the way I do/view things.

As for new ways for logging in, they are only useful if they work….we shall see!

Will I talk to Cortana? Probably as much as I talk to Siri….possibly less as I mostly talk to Siri when I step on the microphone part of my headphones when they dangle on the floor next to my standing desk.

Hurrah for the Start Menu returning though! If nothing else this will help me when I am remote IT supporting people (once I get them upgraded to Windows 10 of course), this should be much easier than getting them to hover in the top right of the screen and hoping they hit the right spot!


So on the face of it, the changes may not all be relevant or useful for me, but I still want them! and I want them now! (Stamps feet and pulls a Verruca Salt style face!).

This is a sponsored post but I would be writing it anyway given my love of shiny new things!

It’s all about the balance

Simply Health work/life balance

I was recently part of a campaign with Simplyhealth as part of Mental Health week and following on from that I was invited to blog about work/life balance.  This is something that is very close to my heart and in fact despite my slightly odd life I have found it works well for me.  I currently work overseas 4 days a week, I fly out to Switzerland on a Monday, camp in a hotel and then fly home on a Thursday evening.  A lot of people ask if this is exhausting or depressing but actually I have a much better work/life balance than when I was working in London and spending at least 4 hours a day getting from home to the office and back!  Yes I have to get up a bit early on a Monday morning to get my flight but it does mean that when I escape the office around 6pm each night I am done. Ten minutes walk to the hotel, running kit on and I am out pounding the pavements.  Yes it took some adjustment for the Boyf and I, but actually this way we spend an hour on FaceTime each night and actually pay attention to what the other is saying as we chat about our days (rather than rowing the moment we got home from our respective jobs because we were both stressed or angry).

Anyway, Simplyhealth have put together a quiz “What does your work / life balance say about you?” and some tips to help you understand what type of person you are and how best to balance your life and work.  Go and do it…….

…..so what did you come out as?

The IntegratorI am pretty balanced on my responses but B (The Integrator) just snuck in for the win! I have to say this is pretty much spot on! Whether it is because I am a contractor, or maybe I am a contractor because this is the type of person that I am I don’t know but hey…..either way it works for me.  That said I definitely need to book more holidays in future, and who knows, maybe on some of them I will just chill out rather than taking leave to go and run somewhere!

Still on track


OK so NaBloPoMo is off the table because I missed yesterday, but I figured that I’d rather not post just for the sake of it just to tick the boxes. I am however still on track with NaNoWriMo, I did under-write yesterday but because I’d been quite wordy for days 1-3 I was still officially ahead of the daily average. I’ve managed to get 2 more articles written today so the dream lives on!

Only 25 days of potential failure left on the clock!