Training Log: 4-6-16

Juneathon day 4, a squat free day….hurrah!

Morning walkparkrun didn’t happen, a lie in was needed, so I focused on recovery and then took a walk to the shops to forage for food.

All Garmined so of course it counts. HR increases are probably down to interactions with other shoppers…..I so love people!

An afternoon nap, recovery is important, then out for my planned TrainAsONE economy run. 11km in 1 hour 13 mins, ended up taking a bit longer than planned but I had included a few hills.

TrainAsONE economy runI also tested some Koko Dairy Free chocolate drink.  I’ve had issues in the past drinking Yazoo when running (I had a bit of an allergic reaction at Black Hugin) and so I have been looking for an alternative.  This seemed to work ok with no instantaneous throat closure or stomach issues, so I’ll throw some in the food bag for Endure24 and see how I get on with it over longer distances.

Training Log: 2-6-16

Juneathon day 2: 55 squats, 30 mins Yoga 4 Athletes with @yogaiaofficial
#juneathon #yoga #yogaeverydamnday #yogaforrunning #yogaia from Instagram:

From Instagram

Juneathon is back, maybe this year I’ll last the month. Daily exercise and daily blogs posts are on the planner….this could be tougher than next month’s planned 100 miler!

Today was squats, @yogaiaofficial and a walk from Instagram:

Training Log: 1-6-16

Yogaia: Yin and Happy HamstringsJuneathon is back!  Now I have even more reason to keep my training log posts up for at least the next month.

My original plan was to get up and do yoga before work, then I realised that 3 days out of the office would mean a huge email backlog and so I slept in and postponed my yoga plans to the 11am lunchtime slot.

11am came and the backlog of emails was still going strong, so instead I did 50 squats and got back to work.

I finally got on the mat at 5pm. Work done I fired up two recorded Yogaia sessions.  Yin, followed by Happy Hamstrings. They were both quite relaxed classes and gave me the chance to unwind after a crazy and frustrating day.

A walk to Tesco also counts as exercise (I Garmined it), and that’s day one of Juneathon done!

Yoga time